Friday, January 9, 2009

Why I have decided to write about this.

My name is Jose Ramirez and I lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I have experienced the actions of a cabal; the same has caused me to previously experience homelessness. These are not the only effects of these actions. I have tried to avoid doing this but at this point I have been left with no other recourse. Of course the initial question would be why? Answered previous post. What is the motive for such actions? Answered previous post.

Now that I have answered what I believe to be the basic motives for these actions, I will tell you a little more about myself:

  • I respect other peoples beliefs and religious choices.
  • I respect other peoples lifestyle choices.
  • I respect other peoples political views.
  • I do not try to impose my views or ideology on other people though I may make a case for my own views.
  • I like to keep to myself and enjoy that lifestyle.
And, that is basically me in a nutshell.

Why? What is the motive for such actions?

The answer to these questions which are probably one in the same are:
  • I own a domain name, , which other party's have tried to obtain unsuccessfully.

Tactics these individuals have employed in the past.

  • They will try to dig up dirt on you.
  • Failing that, they will try to make up dirt about you.
  • Then, they will spread rumors and lies about you. So, that they can discredit you in your community.
  • Then they will try and flame you, trying to lower your self-esteem and/or self-confidence.
  • They will try to place you in compromising situations, so that they can have something on you and gain the upper hand. Something, preferably, they can point to as infringing the law.
  • And, their latest implementation is what is called "THE GRID"; let me explain: "THE GRID" is a method where their members locate themselves throughout the city at predetermined locations, to keep an eye on things. You have seen them on street corners throughout the City with cell phones in their hands looking like their waiting for somebody or whatever, but if you observe them, they will remain on that corner for a certain time. All it amounts to is a form of vigilantism. It is also called "SWARMING" among the younger of its' members.
  • Exert and peddle their influence on local law enforcement; local chapters of city, state and federal agencies.